Gelato & Well-being

Staying in shape tastes good

The gelato that is good for everyone


One of those pleasures no-one should be denied: gelato! Opt for Sammontana and enjoy your favourite gelato at last without sacrificing flavour and creaminess.

Amando Sammontana
Amando Sammontana

The only milk is almond milk

Sammontana dedicates Amando to those who take care of themselves. Produced with almond milk, it is a delicious more digestible gelato for those who like to stay away from milk.

Fruttiamo Sammontana
Fruttiamo Sammontana

100% plant-based ingredients

Whether you like to look after yourself, or are simply a fan of delicious authentic, natural ingredients, you'll love our Fruttiamo range of fruit-based sorbets.

Sammontana Senza Glutine


Our range of delicious chilled treats includes a dazzling choice of gluten-free ice creams, so that nobody needs to miss out on their favourite taste and flavours.

UAU Sammontana

More protein,
less fat

Designed to remove the guilt factor, with no compromise on great taste, our UAU! Ice creams are packed with proteins and goodness that will surprise and delight your tastebuds.

Green Go Sammontana
Green Go Sammontana

A delicious mix of lime, spirulina and sustainability

Ice has long been a fundamental aspect of Sammontana’s production, allowing us to create simple, flavour-filled, refreshing ice creams and lollies that cool the palate and warm the heart. Today, our ice innovation continues, with an ice lolly that refreshes not just human beings, but also nature.