Gelato & Well-being

Staying in shape tastes good

The gelato that is good for everyone


One of those pleasures no-one should be denied: gelato! Opt for Sammontana and enjoy your favourite gelato at last without sacrificing flavour and creaminess.

Gluten Free Sammontana

Gluten Free

Sammontana couldn’t allow gluten-free gelatos to be missing from its delectable lineup. A broad range designed for anyone who doesn’t want to sacrifice taste.

Amando Sammontana

dairy-free with almond milk

Sammontana dedicates Amando to those who take care of themselves. Produced with almond milk, it is a delicious more digestible gelato for those who like to stay away from milk.

Full of fruit

Sammontana has created Fruttiamo, a wide array of fruit-based sorbets especially for the health-conscious but also for fruit lovers!

UAU Sammontana

More proteins, less fat

Created for maximum pleasure, minimum guilt, our UAU! Range is rich in protein and deliciousness.