Barattolino Sammontana spot 2020

Barattolino Sammontana

We've read books, drawn pictures and listened to our favourite song over and over again. We've made video calls, written to each other and had endless phone calls. We've shared the odd … make that, many, tubs of Barattolini over the years. We may be far away, but we're always close. Sammontana, the ice cream with a smile inside for 70 years in Italy.

Video Amando 2019


The word NO can open up wonderful opportunities, such as when you discover with AMANDO that no-milk ice cream can be simply delicious.

Sammontana Barattolino Tre Strati

Barattolino Tre Strati

Just one spoonful, then another, and another… and suddenly it's gone. With three layers of deliciousness, Barattolino Tre Strati will change your idea of ice cream forever.

Video Cinque Stelle

Cinque Stelle

Sammontana brings Cinque Stelle to daddies who inflate beach floats, to grandmothers who call us to table, to family members who travel back to spend their holidays at home, to summer flirts that are bound to fizzle out and even to those who never get their act together. Sammontana brings Cinque Stelle to everyone. Because together we make my summer, your summer and our summer in Italy infinitely sweeter.

Video Amando 2018


Amando. The almond-milk gelato with a feel-good factor.

Video Barattolino


Barattolino Sammontana: La Nostra Estate Italiana.

Video Gelato del Futuro

The future of gelato

Sammontana, together with a group of children, has finally decided to reveal the gelato of the future. The result is really amazing.

Sammontana Storia di un sorriso

The story of a smile

The short film by Virgilio Villoresi, the visionary Florentine videomaker. In a poetic creative vein, it narrates the story of the Tuscan company. The project was made in close cooperation with Armando Testa.