Taste and creativity - Italian style

Vintage mania

how the Sammontana brand came into being


A story made up not only of products, but which also narrates the forward-looking choices made by the company and the care taken in choosing a precise communication style - one which has always been lively and typically Italian, conveying a joyful direct happy image.

The legendary Barattolino

In the 50s, Barattolino blazed a trail. It was the first gelato available in a family-size pack. It was a truly brilliant move at a time when Italian families were starting buy the first fridges with freezer compartments. Today it comes in as many as 14 different flavours and it has become a household name in Italy.

The story of the gelato cone

Who invented the gelato cone? An Italian, obviously: Italo Marchioni, an ice-cream maker from the Marches who had emigrated to the United States in 1903, used to sell his sorbets to passers-by. Initially, he served them wrapped in a sheet of paper folded into a cone shape, but later this paper cone became a biscuit cone. Sammontana is proud to have followed in this talented Italian's footsteps by enhancing the gelato with all the fragrant tastiness to be found in the Cinque Stelle range.

The story of the Coppa Oro

A great classic in Italian ice-cream history. Coppa Oro was first launched in the 60s and was based on a simple but clever idea. It offered a totally delectable gelato in a small size. Over the years, much time and energy have been invested to gain insight into tastes and trends; the containers have changed, but top-quality ingredients are one priority that will always stay the same.


Those were the good times when Riccio or Bonbarà were around! And who can still remember the legendary Coppa Golosa? Browse the Sammontana product signboards and relive the tasty best of our great Italian summers.