Gelati all'italiana

In the ice-cream parlour with Sammontana choose it with confidence



Meticulously sourced premium-quality ingredients enhanced with innovative mouth-watering recipes. These are the hallmarks of the Sammontana gelato.

sorbetti sammontana

Fruit sorbet

Three brand-new recipes with even more real fruit taste. Introducing Raspberry, Mango and Peach, the perfect refreshing dessert whatever the season.


Unicorno - the flavour of unicorns!

Take a magical taste journey on the wings of Unicorno and discover the flavours of vanilla, pink butterscotch with baby sugared unicorns.

A world of flavour

The ice cream full of authentic and well-balanced flavours - a faultless fusion of all Sammontana's passion and experience. All the classic recipes for fruit-based and creamy ice-creams that never go out of fashion.