Gelato & imagination

Creative recipes

When a gelato is... more than a gelato!


Gelatos with tantalising sophisticated recipes that are never boring. The pleasure of unexpectedly enticing and authentic flavours.

The only

star of the summer... and the rest of the year too! An unmistakeable taste and a five-star experience.

Because three is the perfect number for sheer delight!

A creamy treat that will whisk you away into a magical dimension of endless pleasure. Three layers of indulgence and three new flavours waiting to be discovered!

Enjoy the soft life

In a world of crunchy chocolate, Non Mordere brings you a delicious coating as soft as a chocolate spread, we dare you... not to bite.

A gelato for dessert

A gelato dessert? It tastes better when you eat it together! Gelato brings everyone together - enjoy it in the company of friends or family as an after-dinner sweet or birthday treat.