Soft on kids

Children's special

Colourful, fun and full of flavour!


The pleasure of a yummy snack is now packed with fun too... a special ingredient that everyone will want.

Is everyone ready for the treasure hunt?

Enjoy the new L.O.L. SURPRISE! lolly in a strawberry and vanilla flavour, take part in the treasure hunt and find out how to win the new L.O.L. SURPRISEs.

Fresh ice-lolly on the outside and yummy vanilla on the inside!

Have you always longed to bite on pencils? With the brand-new Coloritas, now it is finally possible to do just that.

With the Pj Masks Cup, you don’t just get a tasty snack, you get loads of collectible gadgets too!

The one and only... Prezzemolo!

Only the shape has changed. For the rest, it is the legendary Prezzemolo with its honey-and-malt biscuit and a crispy milk-chocolate coating.